The "Explorer" TPU Inflatable kayaks. Available in single and two seater models.

With options of "Stealth" hull or standard hull and available in two colors Orange and yellow.

The "Explorer" kayaks are a durable and lightweight unlike PVC inflatable kayaks. These boats are high-performing, versatile, while maintaining comfort and stability offering good storage capacity and suitable for all skill level paddlers.

The "Explorer" is constructed with reinforced TPU fabric (Floor, Chambers,Hull, Seat and Deck)and features fully adjustable backrest seats, elastic bungee cords at stern, tracking skeg, an adjustable foot brace and a durable i-beam floor for stability. With the Hakley Roberts air valves throughout , it's easy to rapidly inflate and deflate the boat in less than ten minutes. The Explorer is designed and constructed for use in rough water, on lakes, or rivers.

Explorer I Kayak

  • ▪ Super durable TPU fabric
    ▪ Adjustable and removable TPU foam padded seat  
    ▪ Support track foot brace system
    ▪ V-cone anti-collision design
    ▪ Storage Deck bungee
    ▪ Multiple chambers
    ▪ Safety handles on side Chambers
    ▪ Linear tracking skeg
    ▪ D Rings Connectors